150 Tennis Balls + TennisPUB Combo Set!


Brand New Bouncy Tennis Balls + TennisPUB Combo Set.

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This is the combo set of one piece of the VIV TennisPUB with 150 quality tennis balls enclosed.

【Local Pickup】                  Great Seattle Area 98007.

Product Specification

  • 🎾 Please refer to VIV TennisPUB for more information about the All-In-One Tennis Hopper/Feeder/Bag.
  • 🎾 Please refer to VIV Tennis Balls for more information about the balls.

VIV Tennis Balls

  • 🎾 VIV Tennis Balls are regulated by Tennis standard
  • 🎾 Natural rubber construction for consistent feel and reduced shock
  • 🎾 Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear
  • 🎾 Controlled fiber release for consistent nap
  • 🎾 Deep-elastic seams for reduced cracking
  • 🎾 Made for different courts and surfaces


  • 🎾【ALL IN ONE】– It is lightweight yet sturdy and weather proofed. With large capacity, it can STORE, and TRANSPORT, everything, 200+ balls, 2+ rackets and all accessories, including water bottles, cell phones, even apparels and shoes. It’s the only tennis bag you’ll need and must have for tennis playing
  • 🎾【CARRY-LESS】– No more stress from carrying any bags. It relieves unnecessary strain on your body by providing a comfortable way both on and off court to pick up balls and to transport all your tennis gears, thanks to its sturdy rolling wheels and extendable handle. It’s easy to transport even in a small car and you can drag it anyway with rugged wheels
  • 🎾【FEEDER HOPPER】– The steel grid on the bottom enhances the bag into a nimble tennis picker upper. By rolling the bag over the tennis balls, you can pick up balls much easier than traditional heavy ball hoppers. It can be unfolded into a raised stand with attached legs for easy access to balls for serving. No detached parts so to avoid extra and stressful activity
  • 🎾【PLAY COOL】– We invented this coolest court equipment for tennis players and fans. VIV Tennis will back VIV TennisPUB with a full money back guarantee
  • 🎾【All Sports】– TennisPUB’s large capacity can also store and transport everything for playing other sports, Softball, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer and Volleyball, etc. Its side pouches are perfect for different bats and rackets.
  • 🎾【Note】– Please keep in mind that this version was not created with coaching in mind. 

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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