Quality Tennis Balls 3pc + Racket Over-grip 1pc + Cotton Wristband 1pc


Tennis balls in 3 ps plus bonus Racket Overgrip 1 ps.

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VIV Tennis Balls are made with high quality and consistency

  • 【Classification】Premium balls for training and tournaments, Extra Duty and High Bounce.
  • 【Material】 Refined rubber with needle-punched synthetic fiber.
  • 【Bounce Height】135cm (free fall from a height of 2.54m).
  • 【Deformation force】0.25N 【Diameter】64mm 【Weight】 60g
  • 【Quality】You will be confident about playing with VIV tennis balls as they are sourced from the manufacturer, which also produce for world renowned tennis brands.
  • 【Number】3pc Tennis Balls + 1pc Grip Overgrip + 1pc Cotton Wristband. Color randomly picked up for both Overgrip and Wristband
  • 【Other sites】This product is also sold on Amazon.
  • 【Other products】Tennis balls are also available in 12+2 and bulk.


  • VIV Tennis Balls are regulated by Tennis standard
  • Natural rubber construction for consistent feel and reduced shock
  • Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear
  • Controlled fiber release for consistent nap
  • Deep-elastic seams for reduced cracking
  • Made for different courts and surfaces

How to pick tennis balls by Wilson Tennis Ball Guide

  • Most tennis balls look nearly identical, yet you might be surprised how differently these round balls of fuzz can perform. Most tennis balls are made up of two key components: a rubber core and felt. It’s how these two materials work together that change the speed, bounce and durability of a ball. Some balls play better on specific surfaces, some are more suitable for advanced players and some even will maintain their performance for longer. The tiny tweaks in the construction of these fuzzy yellow balls can make all the difference!
  • Still, when faced with a shelf full of different tennis ball cans, it’s difficult to know which one is the right one for you and your game. Look no further, our tennis ball experts have taken the guesswork out of selecting a tennis ball in our Wilson Tennis Ball Guide.  

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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