Advanced Tennis Balls $0.49/ps – Bulk Order (MOD 2000ps)

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Discover the exceptional performance of VIV Tennis Balls in bulk, offering unmatched quality and consistency. With a minimum order quantity of 2000, you can easily increase your quantity in increments of 200. These premium tennis balls are perfect for both training and tournaments, boasting extra-duty durability and a high bounce of 135cm. Crafted from refined rubber and needle-punched synthetic fiber, they provide a consistent feel and reduced shock on various courts and surfaces. You can trust in VIV tennis balls, sourced directly from the manufacturer who also supplies renowned tennis brands. Plus, check out our other ball products, including options with 3+2 and 12+2 balls. Order now and experience the difference of VIV Tennis Balls, regulated by tennis standards, featuring interlocked wool fiber for extended wear, controlled fiber release for consistent nap, and deep-elastic seams to reduce cracking.

99900 in stock (can be backordered)

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VIV Tennis Balls bulk are made with high quality and consistency

  • 【MOQ】2000. Increase the quantity by times of 200
  • 【Shipping】Ocean,$0.2pp, lead time 30-60 days. Order can’t be combined with other products
  • 【Logo】No, generic
  • 【Classification】Premium tennis ball for training and tournaments, Extra Duty and High Bounce.
  • 【Material】 Refined rubber with needle-punched synthetic fiber.
  • 【Bounce Height】135cm (free fall from a height of 2.54m).
  • 【Deformation force】0.25N 【Diameter】64mm 【Weight】 60g
  • 【Quality】You will be confident about playing with VIV tennis balls as they are sourced from the manufacturer, which also produce for world renowned tennis brands.
  • 【Other ball products】Tennis balls are also available in 3+2 and 12+2.


  • VIV Tennis Balls are regulated by Tennis standard
  • Natural rubber construction for consistent feel and reduced shock
  • Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear
  • Controlled fiber release for consistent nap
  • Deep-elastic seams for reduced cracking
  • Made for different courts and surfaces

How to pick tennis balls by Wilson Tennis Ball Guide

  • Most tennis balls look nearly identical, yet you might be surprised how differently these round balls of fuzz can perform. Most tennis balls are made up of two key components: a rubber core and felt. It’s how these two materials work together that change the speed, bounce and durability of a ball. Some balls play better on specific surfaces, some are more suitable for advanced players and some even will maintain their performance for longer. The tiny tweaks in the construction of these fuzzy yellow balls can make all the difference!
  • Still, when faced with a shelf full of different tennis ball cans, it’s difficult to know which one is the right one for you and your game. Look no further, our tennis ball experts have taken the guesswork out of selecting a tennis ball in our Wilson Tennis Ball Guide.  


Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

18 reviews for Advanced Tennis Balls $0.49/ps – Bulk Order (MOD 2000ps)

  1. Doreen

    These are good balls for good price. Great for training.

  2. Jonathan

    I tried with the 3ps with grip. Both the balls and the overgrip were of my satisfatory. Re-ordered the bulk and what a huge savings!

  3. Renee

    I am a tennis coach and used to order tennis balls from my local source, who recently ran out of stock. I had to start sourcing online and received the first 50 balls in 5 days since I placed the order. Have played in my classes – very good quantity! Will come back.

  4. Amy

    These are pretty basic tennis balls. They arrived quickly. Over-all the balls performed as I would expect them to.

  5. Michael B

    good balls!

  6. jk

    Works well for what I need it.

  7. Casey W.

    I’ve used it multiple times and I’m very happy with it. Great value.

  8. Frank

    The best tennis balls for a tennis lover.

  9. Dorcey Well

    Love these tennis balls but how to recycle them?

  10. dp

    I’m an avid tennis player. I have used tennis ball for a long time and very much doubt whether these balls can meet my expectations. But my friend is closing in on me to try and promise that I will. We began to use them, therefore, for 1-3 hours of aggressive play, the ball still sustained itself as a brand new feature, durable and bouncy, and fiber wool barely drops. Order these for the second time. I was very excited while I was waiting for the balls to arrive.

  11. lynneS

    These are sturdy and hold up well under games of fetch. I love the bright color, and would definitely buy these again.

  12. Mark Jones

    It took more than 50 days for my big order to arrive – guess it will need long time for the Economy shipping to work!

  13. Jeff

    Love these balls. Played today with my wife – perfect for our casual game!

  14. John Allen

    Great product to buy in bulk!

  15. Kate

    Not much to say because they are just tennis balls, but they are very good and don’t get flat quickly. They are now the only balls I play tennis with and will recommend them to anyone of any skill level

  16. Doug K

    These balls are bouncy, but not too bouncy, just my non-expert opinion on this. Also,

  17. Pat Campbell

    I bought these for my dogs because they are more durable than the ones sold in pet stores. They keep their bounce for months despite hours of chewing.

  18. Anthony Pinge

    Just got my order and play with them, so far very good!

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