VIV Pickleball Tennis Bag: All-in-One Pickleball Bag, Hopper, and Feeder with Wheels.


VIV TennisPUB was created by a tennis-loving chronic pain physician. This all-in-one playing companion is both lightweight and durable, with numerous compartments for rackets, tennis balls, and other accessories, eliminating the need for additional bags, carts, or baskets. It is incredibly convenient and represents a significant improvement over traditional heavy tennis hoppers, as it aims to eliminate and reduce the physical strain associated with carrying, transporting, and picking up pickleball, tennis and other balls. Additionally, it is easy to store and transport. Store, Travel, Practice with Pickleball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Sports Gears. Pickleball Hopper, Tennis Ball Hopper

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  • 🎾 【Version 1.2】– This product version is suitable for hoppering pickleball balls, tennis balls, baseball balls and softball balls.
  • 🎾 【ALL IN ONE】– This pickleball bag is an all-in-one solution that is both lightweight and durable, as well as weather-resistant. Its spacious interior can accommodate over 100+ pickleball balls, 2 or more rackets, and various accessories, such as water bottles, cell phones, clothing, and shoes. It is the ultimate tennis bag that provides both storage and transportation, and is a must-have for any tennis player.
  • 🎾【CARRY-LESS】– With its sturdy rolling wheels and extendable handle, the “CARRY-LESS” feature of this product eliminates the need to carry any bags, alleviating unnecessary strain on your body. It provides a comfortable way to both pick up balls and transport all your pickleball gear, both on and off the court. The product is easy to transport, even in a small car, and the rugged wheels allow you to drag it anywhere you need to go.
  • 🎾【FEEDER HOPPER】- This feature of this product is enhanced by a steel grid on the bottom, allowing it to function as a nimble tennis ball picker-upper. By rolling the bag over the tennis balls, you can easily collect them, which is much more convenient than traditional heavy ball hoppers. It can also be unfolded into a raised stand with attached legs for easy access to balls when serving. There are no detached parts, which eliminates the need for extra and potentially stressful activities.
  • 🎾【PLAY COOL】- The most innovative court equipment for pickleball players and fans was created by us. VIV Tennis assures full support for VIV TennisPUB with a complete refund policy.
  • 🎾【All Sports】– TennisPUB’s spacious interior can accommodate equipment for a variety of sports such as softball, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball, and more. The side pouches are specifically designed to hold different types of bats and rackets.


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